Two female scientists analyze a sample while performing the beryllium lymphocyte proliferation test (BeLPT) at ORISE in Oak Ridge, Tenn.

ORISE beryllium laboratory recertified by College of American Pathologists for sixth consecutive time in 10 years

The College of American Pathologists, or CAP, has accredited the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Energy beryllium laboratory in Oak Ridge for the sixth time since the laboratory’s first accreditation in 2009.

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A male physician provides an overview of health records to a male patient.

Did you know ORISE helps DOE and other agencies ensure the health and safety of workers?

ORISE manages a robust collection of worker health data that helps DOE set future policy and determine how to address emerging issues or concerns. These databases, provided through ORISE's worker health data center, also include information that can be studied by researchers and viewed by workers and the public.

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How to increase your ROI during STEM recruiting events

Are you a recruiter looking for information on how to draft effective research participation program postings, how to plan for an upcoming recruiting conference, or need to identify how to recruit a more diverse candidate pool? If so, ORISE can help!

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A male recruiter talks with a male prospective applicant at a recruiting fair
REAC/TS Dr. Carol Iddins examines results from an X-ray at its facility in Oak Ridge, Tennessee

REAC/TS Guidance for Radiation Accident Management

Guidance for Radiation Accident Management is a web-based resource for emergency responders and receivers who may encounter patients with illnesses or injuries caused by ionizing radiation. The resource was created to reflect real-world experience gained by the physicians, nurse/paramedics, and health physics professionals at the Radiation Emergency Assistance Center/Training Site (REAC/TS) in Oak Ridge, Tenn. 

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ORISE participant is learning how to manage data to affect environmental policy

During her fellowship with the Environmental Protection Agency, Alexandra Bijak developed methods to simplify environmental monitoring data analysis and communicate results more easily with state partners and policy-makers.

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A group of ORISE peer review participants talk during a scientific peer review.

What is peer review and why should you choose ORISE to manage the planning process?

Find out why the Department of Energy and other government agencies trust ORISE’s peer review planning process, which is helping to promote the quality and credibility of scientific information and funded research.

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A male undergraduate student performs computer-based data analytics research during a STEM-related internship.

Which STEM careers are the fastest growing science fields in the United States?

From automation and robotics to software development, a career in science can span a variety of focus areas that extend beyond the perception that science is only conducted in a laboratory. ORISE labor trends and workforce studies experts have culled through data compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor's Bureau of Labor Statistics and have summarized the outlook for more than a dozen STEM careers.

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