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What's Happening at ORISE

  • STEAM Sing-Along Teacher Competition

    With the holidays right around the corner, Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) thinks it’s time for a break from lesson plans. Here is an opportunity to put on your dancing shoes and creative hats for a chance to win an Apple Watch and AirPods. ORISE wants you to create a STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, math) song music video with original lyrics. The song must be connected to at least one standard. Teachers of any grade level or subject are invited to submit a STEAM music video and song lyrics. Three teachers will win Apple Watches and AirPods. Put on your creative hats and let’s get boppin’!

  • Fall undergraduate scholarship competition

    ORISE is hosting a research-based scholarship challenge for undergraduate students! The challenge is for students to develop an infographic to communicate the current leading ways to purify drinking water. UNICEF and WHO report that one in three people worldwide do not have access to safe drinking water. Although the United States has one of the safest drinking water supplies in the world, it is an ongoing challenge to protect it. Your infographic could win you a $5,000 scholarship! The competition deadline is Monday, Nov. 30, 2020.

  • Are nurses ready for a large-scale radiological or nuclear incident?

    The nursing profession plays a critical role in the effectiveness of the medical response to any disaster or public health emergency. This holds true if there is a large-scale release of radioactive materials into the environment. Nurses comprise the largest component of the U.S. healthcare workforce with more than 2.9 million active registered nurses.

  • STEM Virtual Information Sessions

    Discover the 700+ stem, policy, and technical internship and fellowship opportunities available through ORISE! Register to attend one of the virtual sessions to learn more!