A male teacher instructs a student during a science demonstration involving robotics.

K-12 Teachers: Need STEM resources for back to school?

Looking for STEM resources to supplement classroom learning? Need a one-stop location for a variety of STEM education resources for your students? We have compiled an extensive list of resources that can help support your classroom instruction.

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Take your career to the next level with ORISE Learn

Through ORISE Learn you can enhance your skills and advance yourself professionally, taking your future career to the next level! The online courses provide relevant, structured content for early-career scientists and feature best practices in communication and presentation skills. You can take the coursesbroken into easy-to-assimilate moduleswhenever you want and as often as you want. 

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Meet an ORISE Researcher

In fourth grade, Zachary Kaplan was at Space Camp at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center falling in love with STEM. Today, he's testing motor controls for heavy machinery through the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Robotics Internship Program. 

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Two male technicians collect a soil sample during an independent verification survey.

Environmental Assessments

Through proven survey methodologies, health physics expertise and radiochemistry laboratory capabilities, ORISE helps agencies follow strict guidelines to ensure that property is effectively remediated before being released.

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Where are they now? - Taylor Frye

Taylor Frye, a former Higher Education Research Experiences participant at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, transitioned from an intern to a full-time water compliance specialist. Since becoming a staff member, Frye has continued to broaden his expertise and knowledge. He has attended conferences, received Clean Water Act Manager training and taken on additional responsibilities to benefit his group.

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Want to perform research at ORNL?

Oak Ridge National Laboratory brings together scientists across a broad range of disciplines to tackle some of the most challenging problems in energy, global security, basic science and applied research. Whether you are a recent graduate, graduate student, undergraduate, K-12 student/teacher or faculty member, ORNL has a program that will engage you in a great scientific learning experience. 

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What does ORISE do to support DOE and its national laboratories?

Learn more about how ORISE accomplishes its mission, the ORISE pillars of success, and each of ORISE’s capability areas.

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Learn more about ORISE and how we’re supporting DOE and other federal agencies’ missions to strengthen the nation’s science education and research initiatives.