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What's Happening at ORISE

  • Two young female students using a computer

    Calling all K-12 Students: STEM in Film Student Challenge

    Movies always have the coolest and craziest things happening, but are they always realistic? Well, grab your fuzzy blankets, popcorn, and get ready to kick back your feet, because ORISE wants you to watch a movie and find out! We are asking that you pick a scene from a film and research the science behind it. You can then explain whether this scene is scientifically possible or not for a chance to win an awesome prize! TWELVE prizes will be awarded with three winners per grade band.

    The deadline for this contest is September 30. Visit the K-12 Competitions for Students page for more info!

  • Applications are open now for the 2022-2023  Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship (AEF) Program.

    Applications are open now for the 2022-2023 Albert Einstein Distinguished Educator Fellowship (AEF) Program

    The AEF Program provides unique opportunities for accomplished K-12 science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educators to serve 11 months in a Federal agency or U.S. Congressional office.

    AEF Program applications must be submitted by November 19, 2021. View the AEF news release for more information!

  • Occupational Radiation Exposure Report cover

    Feature Story

    ORISE releases Occupational Radiation Exposure Report

    ORISE has released the Occupational Radiation Exposure Report, which presents the results of analyses of occupational radiation exposures at DOE National Nuclear Security Administration facilities during 2019. The report including occupational radiation exposure information for DOE employees, contractors, and subcontractors, as well as members of the public who have worked or entered controlled areas monitored for exposure to radiation.

  • NSF MSGI: Gideon Idumah

    Research Spotlight

    Mathematician furthers fundamental computational methods that could lead to increased mobility after spinal cord injuries

    Gideon Idumah contributed research to develop fundamental computational methods, which can lead to advancements in spinal cord electrical stimulation, as a participant in the National Science Foundation’s Mathematical Sciences Graduate Internship Program.