MdZakir HossainShown Above, Md Zakir Hossain is stationed at the National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research in Peoria, IL.

Nature of the Appointment

Description of ORISE Research Participation Appointments at ARS.

How to Fund a Participant

Step-by-step guide for setting up the funding for a new research participant.

How to Find a Participant

Identifying candidates for ARS research appointments through ORISE.

How to Appoint a Participant

Appointing a new participant.

How to Renew a Participant

Extending a research participation appointment at ARS.

Mentor Responsibilities

Expectations of and training for mentors of ORISE research participants.

Stipend Information

Information on the calculation, payment, and receipt of stipends, including direct deposit instructions, health insurance premiums, and tax information for research participants.

Health Insurance

Research participants must have health insurance during their time at ARS. Learn about this requirement and the coverage available through ORAU.


Information for participant travel and reimbursement during research appointments.

Guidelines for Non-U.S. Citizens

Important information for non-U.S. citizens participating in ORISE research programs.

Contact ORISE

Get in touch with ORISE staff who can help.