Performing statistical analyses, epidemiologic research and hazards assessments to evaluate workforce health

One way the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) supports the U.S. Department of Energy's (DOE) commitment to worker health and safety is by collecting, assembling, and managing occupational data on current and former workers in a manner that enables future issues concerning worker health to be addressed.

ORISE’s foresight in designing and maintaining these worker registries has facilitated DOE’s ability to address worker concerns in an efficient and timely manner. ORISE evaluates occupational exposure and worker health risks at sites across the nation for DOE, as well as other federal agencies. Some of the registries maintained include:

Additionally, ORISE collects, maintains and analyzes data about radioactive materials released from nuclear power plants for the NRC. This information is compiled and released as a matter of public interest and environmental concern.

Our specific capabilities in the area of worker health studies include:

Worker Health Data Center
ORISE manages a number of worker health databases that facilitate analyses of health and safety trends, including radiation exposure data, for employees and contractors for DOE and other agencies.

Worker Health Research
ORISE partners with DOE and other government agencies to conduct statistical analyses, epidemiologic research, and hazard assessments in support of occupational and environmental health studies.

Beryllium Exposure Studies and Testing
ORISE performs beryllium lymphocyte proliferation testing to ascertain sensitization status and maintains the Beryllium-Associated Worker Registry to facilitate electronic reporting of exposure and health data.

Medical Data Management
To support health surveillance studies for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and other government agencies, ORISE and its partners have worked to develop IT solutions for the management of electronic medical records.

Human Subjects Research
ORISE partners with DOE to ensure that all research conducted at its institutions, whether supported with DOE funds or performed by DOE employees, addresses the protection of human subjects.

DOE Illness and Injury Surveillance Reports
Though the DOE Illness and Injury Surveillance program ended in 2012, the data and site-specific annual reports and 10-year summaries describing the results of this epidemiologic surveillance are still available for future study and analysis.