Assessing workplace hazards through statistical analysis and research

The Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE) partners with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) and other government agencies to supply statistical analysis, conduct epidemiologic research, and assess potential workplace hazards. The technical assistance from ORISE allows for focused research into the health of workers and other populations.

A vital part of the epidemiologic research process includes organizing the worker health research data into manageable databases. ORISE provides DOE and the larger scientific community with accessible and searchable records on the long-term health outcomes of occupational exposures. By organizing and sharing this information, ORISE helps improve the standards for protecting the health of current and former workers.

Specific ORISE worker health research capabilities include:

Statistical Analyses
Through statistical modeling and analysis, ORISE supports ongoing medical surveillance programs that evaluate occupational exposures and their relationship to worker health outcomes.

Hazard Assessments
ORISE performs assessments of chemical and radiation exposures and conducts dose assessments for both internal and external radiation exposures.

Center for Epidemiologic Research
The ORISE Center for Epidemiologic Research (CER) provides DOE with both long-term and short-term studies of health problems at its facilities.