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Eligibility and Application Requirements

"The mentorship component of the program is really unlike other internship environments, so to me, working with my mentor was one of the highlights of the MEISPP internship experience. My mentor was very accessible and offered guidance that equipped me to take on my job-related tasks. However, my mentor has also supported me in my career development journey and continues to help me forge connections with others in the industry."
-Franny Anunobi, graduate student, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Water Power Technologies Office

  • Eligibility Criteria

    Before applying, be sure to confirm eligibility requirements that are listed below.

    You must meet the following to be eligible for an internship:

    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • Be a U.S. citizen (permanent residents and green card holders are ineligible)
    • Be an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled full time during the 2022-2023 academic year at an accredited Minority Serving Institution (MSI). MSI’s that meet the statutory criteria for identification (as defined by the U.S. Department of Education) and are eligible for this program are listed here: MSI designation list (Excel, 66kb).
    • Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above on a 4.0 scale

    We’re looking for applicants who demonstrate:

    • Leadership potential
    • Commitment to public service
    • Interest in energy-related issues
    • Strong written and verbal communication skills

    Additional eligibility factors:

    • Have coverage under a health insurance plan before arriving at the appointment site and maintain coverage during the appointment.
    • Candidates selected for an internship appointment will be required to provide proof of enrollment during the Spring 2023 term.
    • Undergraduate seniors graduating in May/June are eligible to participate in summer internships and may continue during the academic year if entering a graduate program at a MSI during the following Fall term. Proof of enrollment in a MSI will need to be submitted before the Fall internship period starts.
    • Graduate students completing their degree in May/June are only eligible to participate in a summer internship.
    • Students may apply for and are eligible to participate in the program at multiple times during their undergraduate and graduate studies. However, there should not be an assumption or expectation of being selected for another internship. All students must re-apply and be selected for a project during each application cycle.
  • Application Requirements

    Applications will be reviewed for eligibility and compliance before moving forward to the merit review and final selection.

    A complete application consists of:

    • All required fields in both the Zintellect profile and Zintellect application form, including responses to the following prompts:
      • List your personal, educational, and professional goals and interests and explain how this opportunity may enable you to achieve those. Describe any experiences or situations that you feel have influenced your interest.
      • List your research, technical and/or professional experience that is relevant to this opportunity.
      • List your professional/technical skills and abilities that are relevant to this opportunity, including knowledge/skills related to specialized laboratory equipment or techniques, computer hardware, software or computer languages and/or applications.
    • Resume (PDF, 2-page limit)
    • Academic Records:
      A copy of an official or unofficial transcript or copies of the student academic records printed by the applicant or by academic advisors from internal institutional systems may be submitted. If all information is not available on one document, a combination of documents (merged into a single PDF) is acceptable. For example, you may include a print-out from your school’s planning app, and a letter from the registrar, your advisor or another official that confirms information missing from the other document. Transcript or academic records must clearly show:
      • student name
      • name of the academic institution
      • enrollment during the academic term at the time of application
      • current/completed/enrolled courses
      • grades
      • most recent cumulative GPA
      • degree in progress
      Submitted documents must have all social security numbers, student identification numbers, and/or dates of birth removed (blanked out, blackened out, made illegible, etc.) prior to uploading into the application system.
    • Academic or Professional Recommendation:
      Recommendation should address the applicant’s academic record and potential for success in an appointment, such as demonstrated intellectual merit, communication and teamwork skills. Recommenders will be asked to submit a recommendation in Zintellect. Letters of recommendation submitted via email will not be accepted.  Recommendations must be submitted by Tuesday February 7, 2023, 11:59 Eastern Standard Time.
      All documents must be submitted via Zintellect. All application components  must be received in the system in order to be considered.

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