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Frequently Asked Questions

DHS Center Participation

  • Faculty and student team members may not participate at their home institution.

  • DHS is fully committed to implementing all federal laws, regulations and guidelines related to the development of affirmative participation plans and inclusion of persons with disabilities. Therefore, the participation of persons with disabilities is strongly encouraged. To facilitate the participation of individuals with targeted disabilities, DHS will provide up to $1,500 in supplemental funding for special assistance and/or equipment necessary to enable the researcher to perform the project assignment under the award.

Housing and Travel Allowances

  • A housing allowance will only be provided to participants who live more than fifty miles, one-way, from their assigned DHS Center. In order to receive the housing allowance, qualifying participants must be paying for housing while at the Center.

  • A travel allowance is provided to participants who live more than fifty miles, one-way, from their assigned DHS Center. If participant travels by plane or train, ORISE will make travel arrangements and purchase the plane or train tickets. To help defray the cost of flying or shipping personal belongings to and from the internship, participants may receive up to $100 in reimbursement for luggage or parcel shipping expenses. If participants plan to drive, participants will be reimbursed for mileage at the current U.S. General Services Administration mileage reimbursement rate up to a maximum of $350, one-way.

  • The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has designated certain areas as high cost locality pay areas. Participants in these areas will automatically receive a stipend supplement based on the OPM locality payment percentage increase for that area. Areas that may qualify include, but are not limited to, Washington/Baltimore, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and New York City.

  • The faculty team member is required to attend a pre-appointment orientation meeting with DHS Center representatives. These representatives will provide local housing information to faculty. Student team members should contact faculty regarding housing options presented by the Center. Faculty team members are expected to complete the pre-appointment orientation meeting in a timeframe that allows all team members an opportunity to locate and select housing.

Research Supplies

  • No. The DHS Center will be responsible for providing research equipment and supplies required for the team’s project. The team is expected to discuss anticipated research equipment and supply needs with the DHS Center before award acceptance.

Travel Reimbursement

  • Yes. Travel expenses for the pre-appointment orientation meeting at the DHS Center will be reimbursed. ORISE is responsible for travel arrangements and approved reimbursable travel expenses for round trip travel to the DHS Center location. This includes airline tickets for participants traveling by air.

  • Travel by faculty and students during the appointment in support of the team’s research may be approved for expense reimbursement by DHS/ORISE. Reimbursement will be based on federal government travel guidelines.

    Travel plans must be first endorsed by the Center. Approval by DHS/ORISE must be obtained before travel begins. Travel expenses that have not been approved prior to travel may not be reimbursed by DHS/ORISE.

Additional Funding

  • Yes. Faculty team members are encouraged to submit a proposal for continued research and collaboration with the DHS Center. Faculty may apply for up to $50,000 in follow-on funding to continue research during the academic year immediately following their summer research appointment.

    Additional information regarding future funding opportunities will be provided at the mandatory half day DHS teleconference/webinar pre-appointment orientation.