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Research Offices at NCSES

Information about the research offices at NCSES
  • Human Resources Statistics Program (HRS)

    Collects and disseminates data on participation in the educational system and workforce, with emphasis on participation in science and engineering fields and a range of occupations.

    Collect and disseminate data on:

    • Educational background
    • Demographic characteristics
    • Professional activities
    • Employment

    Learn more about HRS surveys at

    • Early Career Doctorates 
    • Survey of Earned Doctorates
    • Survey of Doctorate Recipient,
    • Survey of Graduate Students and Postdoctorates in Science & Engineering
    • National Survey of College Graduates
    • National Survey of Recent College Graduates
    • Survey of Postdocs at Federally Funded Research & Development Centers
    • Women, Minorities, & Persons with Disabilities in Science & Engineering Report:
  • Research and Development Statistics Program (RDS)

    Conducts surveys, studies, reports and analyses on the size and health of the U.S. research and development (R&D) enterprise.

    Focuses on R&D expenditures, research infrastructure, innovation, and the international comparability of those U.S. metrics. Collects data on R&D performed and funded by government, business, universities, and other non-profit organizations.

    Learn more about RDS surveys at

    • Research and Development Funding and Expenditures
    • Annual Business Survey
    • Business Enterprise Research and Development Survey (BERD)
    • Business R&D and Innovation Survey - Microbusiness (BRDI-M)
    • FFRDC Research and Development Survey
    • Higher Education Research and Development Survey (HERD)
    • Nonprofit Research Activities Survey (Forthcoming)
    • Survey of Federal Funds for Research and Development
    • Survey of Federal Science and Engineering Support to Universities, Colleges, and Nonprofit Institutions[+]
    • Survey of State Government Research and Development
    • Science and Engineering Research Facilities
    • Survey of Science and Engineering Research Facilities
  • Science and Engineering Indicators Program (SEI)

    Oversees the Division's cross-cutting overview and international reports.

    Compiles and analyzes data from special studies, Science Resource Statistics surveys, and other national and international sources to produce the biennial congressionally mandated report on Science and Engineering Indicators. 

    Learn more about SEI publications at

  • Administrative and Program Operations Group (APOG)

    Responsible for oversight and management of human resources, financial management, budget development, managerial support, business process management and assistance to the NCSES’s Director, Deputy Director and NCSES staff.

    Assists in preparing input to the Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences front office for Congressional and OMB budgets and NSF long-range plans.

  • Statistics, Methods and Research Program (SMP)

    Provides statistical and survey methodological support to the Center with an emphasis on ensuring the highest quality data collection designs and statistical output.

    Survey methodologists conduct questionnaire design and testing as well as guide methodological decisions about data collection protocols and alternative data sources. The mathematical statisticians on the team are instrumental in sampling and weighting decisions as well as analysis plans and data protection.

  • Information and Technology Services Program (ITSP)

    Responsible for NCSES's information dissemination and data management activities, including the overall management of the Center’s data systems, publications process (both print and electronic), and website.

    Develops editing, composition, and web development guidelines and has responsibility for managing the Center’s internal and external information technology environment.

    Check out the Interactive Data Tool created by ITSP at