Concur Travel System now deployed for ORISE travelers

ORISE is pleased to announce the deployment of our next-gen travel management system!  The Concur Travel System will increase efficiency and streamline the travel management process for participants and their travel approvers. 

This new system includes three modules: 1) Request for Trip Pre-Approval, 2) Travel Booking Tool, and 3) Expense Reporting Tool.  These modules are linked and data will be transferred between modules for efficiency.    

The Concur Request, Booking Tool, and Expense System will:

  • Unify the pre-approval, travel, and expense processes, giving the traveler more control and visibility to the process.
  • Allow travelers to create their own airline, car rental, and hotel bookings with assurance of regulation and policy compliance.
  • Allow travelers to upload receipts in real time and expedite the submission of reimbursement requests.
  • Provide better visibility for travel approvals and expense spending.
  • Allow on-the-go capabilities through user friendly mobile application.
  • Be integrated into Zintellect via a travel dashboard and single sign-on capability.