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Summer Internships with the Department of Energy

The Minority Educational Institution Student Partnership Program (MEISPP) offers 10-week summer internships with offices and laboratories throughout the Department of Energy. Imagine yourself at DOE headquarters in Washington D.C., at one of 17 National Laboratories, or at one of many site offices – it takes a lot of different skills to run the DOE, and MEISPP offers internship opportunities for a wide variety of majors and interests. Sponsored by the Office of Economic Impact and Diversity, the program partners with eligible minority-serving institutions to help their undergraduate and graduate students “jump-start” their careers and develop their potential for future opportunities within the federal government.

Want to learn more, or need help creating a strong application?

Information Sessions:  Watch the replay (Vimeo video) | Look at the slide deck (.PDF, 1.1MB)

Application Workshops:
Watch the workshop (Vimeo video) | Look at the workshop slide deck (.PDF, 2.2MB)

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MEISPP Fellows can participate in the Federal Intern Experience Program with high-quality training, mentoring and an executive speaker series. The Office of Personnel Management also provides extensive resources for DOE interns. Check them out! 


  • "The program affirmed my interest in a federal career path and has set me up with a number of opportunities after graduation. Getting to experience both a new work place and new city for the summer was such a learning experience for me."

    —Carys Behnke, graduate student, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Building Technology Office
  • "The best part of my internship was working on a team working on technical analysis for the Inflation Reduction Act and other energy policy measures that impact the entire country."

    —Lynn Brown, graduate student, Office of Policy
  • "I really loved my mentors, they were always there whenever I needed them and helped me network with many other professionals in the national laboratories, who are doing cutting-edge research on batteries, power electronics, and the electric grid."

    —Eseka Amibikas, undergraduate student, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Vehicle Technologies Office
  • "The best part of the MEISPP internship is discovering career pathways that I have never thought about. Prior to the internship I was interested in renewable energy and preserving the sustainability of our planet, however, this program taught me more about the underlying factors to attaining this goal.”

    —Natori Mason, undergraduate student, Office of Acquisition Management

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General Questions/Information

Maria Taydem, PhD, PMP
MEISPP Project Manager

Taylor Clower
MEISPP Program Specialist

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