Welcome to the Joint Science and Technology Institute West Student Site!

We are so excited for you to attend JSTI West this summer. Approximately 36 students from throughout the United States will participate in JSTI West June 8 - 21.

You will be assigned to a small group of students to work on a research project at the University of New Mexico, and you will have several exciting recreational and learning experiences in the area. You can expect to make many new friends, learn a lot, and have an exciting time.

You will be staying at Casas Del Rio, 420 Redondo East Dr NE, Albuquerque, NM located at University of New Mexico.  You will be assigned a roommate when you arrive at UNM. You will not be given the opportunity to choose your roommate. However, you will complete the Student Information Form, which is an onboarding card in Zintellect, to allow us to find a compatible roommate. In most cases, participants from the same school are not assigned to the same room. There will be 5 Resident Teacher chaperones staying with you at the dorm.

Explore this website for all information you will need to know as you prepare for JSTI West. Please use our Onboarding Checklist on the side to ensure that you are on track to attend.