Meet the ORISE @ NETL Community!

NETL’s research is truly rewarding as it holds the promise of enhancing people's lives through meaningful advancements and innovative technologies. 

Discover the remarkable achievements of past and present participants and mentors as they contribute to NETL's research, driving the Department of Energy towards its ambitious climate goals. Witness how their groundbreaking research paves the way for a carbon emission-free power sector by 2035 and a net-zero economy by 2050. Numerous past participants of the NETL Internship Programs have successfully transitioned into becoming valuable employees. These dedicated individuals are now actively giving back by mentoring the next generation and contributing to the development of a sustainable pipeline.

Explore the highlights below and be inspired by the transformative impact they have on shaping a sustainable future.

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ORISE is fortunate to have a multitude of exceptional fellows/participants and mentors within NETL's Professional Internship Program (PIP), Postgraduate Research Program (PGRP), and Faculty Research Program (FRP). We would like to be able to highlight the profiles of our active fellows, alumni, and mentors on our website, on our social media accounts, in newsletters, videos, or press releases. Do you have a mentor or a fellow/participant in the Research Participation Program whose accomplishments you would like to see highlighted through ORISE?

Contact ORISE to highlight a current or former participant or mentor.