How to Become a Postdoctoral Researcher

Consider how a postdoctoral opportunity can advance your career

Being a postdoctoral researcher allows you to strengthen your professional and academic skills in a specialized area before moving to a permanent position. When considering whether or not you should do a postdoc, take some time to reflect on your career goals and the skills you need to be successful in achieving those goals. Deciding to pursue a postdoc (or not) should be an active choice, so network, solicit advice, and explore a variety of options.

If a postdoc sounds right for you, the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education can help you find the right opportunity to advance your career. ORISE manages postdoctoral research programs at national laboratories and federal research facilities across the United States, many of which have open opportunities for qualified candidates.

Male postdoctoral student conducting laboratory research

Find a postdoctoral fellowship or research opportunity

If you've decided that a postdoc is in your future, ORISE can help you find the right opportunity to match your interests. ORISE offers scientists and engineers from a wide variety of disciplines unique opportunities to conduct research at national laboratories and federal research facilities nationwide.

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