Ignite Off! Competition

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Hosted by the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education (ORISE), the annual Ignite Off! competition showcases the talents of interns from participating federal agencies and offices as they share their research through Ignite Talks. Each competitor has five minutes to present their project, using 20 picture-centric slides that automatically advance every 15 seconds. Contestants have access to an ORISE professional development course that teaches the process for developing an Ignite talk.

2022 Ignite Off! Competition

The National Viewing Event was held on Aug. 24. Stay tuned as we reveal this year’s winners!

2021 Ignite Off! National Viewing Event

ORISE | Ignite Off National Viewing Event from ORAU on Vimeo.

2021 Ignite Off! Competition Winner

Janet Teng, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

ORISE | Ignite Off! 2021 Winner | Janet Teng from ORAU on Vimeo.

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2020 Ignite Off! Competition Winner

Kristyn Johnson, National Energy Technology Laboratory

ORISE | Ignite Off! 2020 Winner | Kristyn Johnson from ORAU on Vimeo

Other 2020 Ignite Off! finalists:

  • Enakshi Saha | ANL – Bayesian Latent-Variable Modeling of COVID-19 Infection Rate
  • Abdullah Kuziez | ANL – Accelerators for Carbon Ion Therapy
  • Trevor McQueen | ORNL – Capturing Molecular Actions via Vitrification
  • Tanner Stelmach | NETL – Chemical Looping Gasification (CLG)
  • Jacob Sumner | ORNL – Protein Shape Reconstruction with Neutron Scattering and Computational Tools

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2019 ORNL vs. ANL Ignite Off! Competition Winner

Kaylee Cunningham, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

ORISE | Ignite Off! 2019 Winner | Kaylee Cunningham from ORAU on Vimeo.

Other 2019 Ignite Off! finalists:

  • Benjamin Aronson | ANL – The Future of Metal Manufacturing
  • Taylor Dennis | ORNL – The Search for Mirror Neutrons
  • Carol Lin | ANL – Investigation of the Tribological Effects on the Surface Interaction of Wind Turbine Bearings
  • Tayler Sundermann | ORNL – Robotic Laser Titanium Wire Big Area Additive Manufacturing
  • Nadia Zaragoza | ANL – Materials Science and Nuclear Fuels

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