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Podcast: While DOE is focused on science and research, not everyone in the Scholars Program has a background in STEM. In this episode of the ORISE Featurecast, learn more about Cristina Cordero, a former DOE Scholar with a background in communications and public administration.

  • "The DOE Scholars Program provided me with a unique experience and inside information about the workings of science policy and the administrative side of academia that is not normally available to graduate students."


    —2021 DOE Scholar, Office of Science, High Energy Physics
  • "This internship provided an opportunity for me to learn with Lawrence Livermore and DOE staff, which I did not encounter as an undergraduate, which enhanced my intellectual, professional, and personal development. In addition, I acquired experience in a different industry, such as discussing my interests and skills with entrepreneurs, researchers, and business owners, as well as learning how to ask questions, speak confidently, and gain a deeper grasp of business."

    —2021 Scholar, Office of Technology Transitions
  • "The DOE Scholars program demonstrated the importance of having both a scientific and business perspective on emerging technologies, as well as the perspectives necessary to bring a technology to market. It has also caused me to consider doing a PhD in the future."


    —2021 Scholar, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy