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How to Sponsor a Participant?

The DOE Scholars Program is managed by the Office of Human Capital in collaboration with ORISE.  The DOE Office of Human Capital is responsible for providing guidance and direction to sponsoring DOE offices and ORISE; and for providing oversight and support of all program activities.

ORISE performs administrative tasks that allow the sponsoring office/hosting facility to focus on its mission. ORISE executes the essential, behind-the-scenes administrative aspects of the DOE Scholars Program such as promoting the programs; recruiting applicants; making appointment offers; arranging inbound moves and travel; making stipend and travel reimbursement payments; designing and implementing enhancement and professional development activities; planning events; and offering guidance and mentorship through the participant experience.

To become a sponsor:

  • Define your need (student, recent graduate, length of appointment, project assignment, mentors, etc.)
  • Contact ORISE at to discuss your office needs.
  • Register in Zintellect to access opportunities offered through the DOE Scholars Program.
  • Complete the Mentor Training.
  • Review applicants in Zintellect.
  • Complete the selection form in Zintellect.
  • Complete and submit a Work Authorization Statement (WAS) or Inter-entity Work Order (IEWO) to DOE ORNL Site office

WAS/IEWO must be approved by ORISE and DOE ORNL Site Office before an offer can be made and participant can begin the appointment.