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Participant Quotes

It was a great opportunity for networking, meeting influential people in the field, gaining experience on the funding side of research as opposed to the pure academic side.

2021 Scholar, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy

The DOE Scholars Program provided me with a unique experience and inside information about the workings of science policy and the administrative side of academia that is not normally available to graduate students.

2021 DOE Scholar, Office of Science, High Energy Physics

[The DOE Scholars Program] is a good program that allows you to achieve goals you set for yourself at the beginning of the appointment.

2021 Scholar, Los Alamos National Laboratory

I feel the DOE Scholars program would be beneficial to anybody looking to better understand the role of DOE and gives students a taste of what it is like to work with them.

2021 Scholar, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Bioenergy Technologies Office

[My mentor] gave me enough guidance to allow me to produce high-quality work largely independently. [My mentor] took time aside to help teach me about the larger technical structures at play in certain pieces of technology and what their societal implications may be in the long term of their development. [My mentor] was genuinely one of the greatest sources of learning I found throughout this experience, and I'm beyond grateful for her sharing her expertise and knowledge with me since the start of my term.

2021 Scholar, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technologies

Upon graduation, I will be the first in my family to earn a bachelor's degree. Prior to this experience, I had very little exposure to higher education or what pursuing a higher level degree can do in terms of partnerships, leads, opportunities, or research experiences. Working alongside so many incredible people showed me an entirely different side of the industry that I previously haven't seen, and could truly see myself contributing to in the future. I will surely pursue at least a masters, and hopefully a PhD, given the time experience and opportunity to do so.

2021 Scholar, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Technologies

The most successful aspect of the program was attaining real-world experience that I do not normally get during my academic research. Additionally, I was able to meet and work with experts in my field that provided insight into possible career options and shared their path to BETO.

2021 Scholar, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Bioenergy Technologies Office

It was very beneficial to be able to make connections with professionals at other national labs. Although the subject matter of this internship had very little to do with what I want to study, I was able to meet with people that offered valuable advice on how I can obtain opportunities that are more relevant.

2021 Scholar, Office of Technology Transitions

The knowledge and firsthand experience I received was priceless. The activities and assignments prepared me for my future goals.

2021 Scholar, Office of Environmental Management

Fantastic program with amazing staff, great communications, and genuinely care about interns and their experience. I don't think I could say a bad thing about Scholars even if I tried.

2021 Scholar, Office of Intelligence and Counterintelligence

My DOE Scholar appointment solidified my choice in returning to pursue my Masters degree in communications. While I do have a background in journalism, my masters experience has broadened my knowledge set and my DOE appointment allowed me to have applicable experience in the field. I will be returning to complete my last year in my masters program with a renewed energy to complete my classes and take on projects that further enhance my educational experience. It also allowed me to recognize areas I'd like to get more training in such as graphic design so I can be a well-rounded communicator once I finish my degree program and re-enter the job force.

2021 Scholar, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Bioenergy Technologies Office

Prior to my time at the DOE, I did not have much experience in interpreting and analyzing financial data, let alone at the federal level. Today, I feel confident in my ability to interpret financial data and also feel that I have obtained a modest fluency in federal financial processes. Although the internship experience was virtual, what I experienced educationally was unparalleled in learning how the DOE operates. I now have a solid foundation in the realm of accounting and finance.

2021 Scholar, Office of Environmental Management-Environmental Consolidated Business Center

The most beneficial part of participating in this program was being able to interview many different people at the site. I learned about multiple roles all the way up to some headquarter positions and got to sit in on multiple meetings to understand the functioning of what the office of integration and planning was completing.

2021 Scholar, Savannah River Operations Office

I really learned a lot during my program experience. I improved in areas that I didn't even realize were important, such as giving presentations and writing information about yourself for a cover letter or similar situations.

2021 Scholar, Savannah River Operations Office

This internship provided an opportunity for me to work with Lawrence Livermore and DOE staff, which I did not encounter as an undergraduate, which enhanced my intellectual, professional, and personal development. In addition, I acquired experience in a different industry, such as discussing my interests and skills with entrepreneurs, researchers, and business owners, as well as learning how to ask questions, speak confidently, and gain a deeper grasp of business not only at work but also in the market.

2021 Scholar, Office of Technology Transitions

A doctorate program if available could be something a pursue in the future because of this experience. Having a more in-depth knowledge of the field could help me develop new and innovative solutions to future problems.

2021 Scholar, Carlsbad Field Office

Prior to this experience, I really wasn’t sure what I planned to do after I graduate from undergrad. But armed with knowledge and the experiences I’ve gained this summer; I now have a more solid trajectory of what I would like to do post-graduation. I now am certain that I will be continuing my education with a master’s degree at some point in the future, in something that is related to energy.

2021 Scholar, Office of Technology Transitions

It exceeded my expectations because I was initially worried about the topic and virtual nature of the program. I didn’t think the topic of technology transfer was all that interesting or useful, and the fact that is was virtual meant that I wouldn’t get to go somewhere new over the summer, which was disappointing. However, I now have a newfound interest in technology transfer work and the great things that can come from working in that discipline. And my worries about the virtual nature of the program were alleviated by being able to work in teams and get to meet great people.

2021 DOE Scholar, Office of Technology Transitions

The DOE Scholars program demonstrated the importance of having both a scientific and business perspective on emerging technologies, as well as the perspectives necessary to bring a technology to market. It has also caused me to consider doing a PhD in the future.

 2021 Scholar, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy

My educational goals have been impacted by the DOE scholars program in a very important way. I am now more conscious of the appeal that having a degree in a STEM field is to a variety of employers. Although I am pursuing a BA in International Relations, I see the potential gains of pursuing a graduate degree in a STEM major, not simply for employment but also for developing a certain set of skills in life.

2021 Scholar, sponsored by National Nuclear Security Administration at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

I think having insight into how the federal governments works and seeing the impact one can have working in federal government was my biggest takeaway from participating in DOE Scholars program.

2021 DOE Scholar, Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy