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Participant Quotes

“The most beneficial aspect of my time here would have to be the interviews and presentations that I was able to participate in. By talking to others, I learned of what I want to do with my career and what I need to do to get there.”

"We had several opportunities to meet with employees throughout the complex. This helped us learn more about the DOE but also allowed us to ask questions that have helped guide my education goals for the future.”

“I have gained a better, comprehensive understanding of what it is the Department of Energy does, and I have gotten to stretch my own capabilities, both personally and professionally through this program. I was able to conduct many interviews, both with the team of interns and individually, thus honing my communication and professional skills.”

“It also gave me the chance to continue developing my interpersonal and communication skills, as well as keeping my mind sharp with research and reports. I was able to use this internship opportunity to become more well-rounded in my approach to how I interact with those who have a different perspective from me.”

“This program has given me the opportunity to broaden the scope of both my cognitive capacity and my personal and professional experience. I did this internship to be able to broaden my mental horizons and gather new information, but it also has the additional benefit of making me more marketable for grad programs and future internships in different fields.”

“My internship was amazing, even with the pandemic right now. My mentor was helpful and from day one had me doing real tasks in her department. By the end of my stay, I completed over 30 projects for her. My experience was invaluable, from the hands on experience, to tours all over the site, to the people I met and knowledge I gained. I can't speak highly enough for how much this opened my eyes to a career in nuclear.”

“Overall it was a very wonderful experience and I learned so much about effective writing and the government aspect of things.”

“Outstanding, I could not have been placed in an environment better suited for me and could not have had a better mentor.”

“I met so many new people that allowed me to get my foot in the door to job opportunities.”

“Great way to gain experience and possibly network if you want to work for the government.”

“Through various discussions with Cyber security professionals at DOE, I was able to obtain advice on what skills to focus on that would allow me to enter this career field. So I plan on shifting my career goals towards System or Network Administration as a foundation so that I can eventually progress towards a Cybersecurity role.”

“This experience has impacted my interest in DOE’s operations and my career path. Learning about “bioenergy” instead of just “energy” has uniquely prepare me to pursue a PhD in chemical and biological engineering by enhancing my understanding of the biological aspects of the energy field. I am prepared and enthusiastic to explore the field of biological engineering for applications in sustainable energy.”

“My interest in DOE’s operations has increased, and I am extremely open to working with the DOE in the future.”

“My DOE Scholars appointment was at ARPA-E, with the tech-to-market team. I learned about many of the challenges with commercializing disruptive technology, as well as the role of ARPA-E in the United States' energy goals and mission. ”

“[My mentor] provided me with great guidance from a professional and technical standpoint. He also seems genuinely interested in helping me succeed. However, it is important to note that he provided me with leeway to accomplish my goals and independence to do it however I best saw fit.

“I realized the growth potential for a candidate with a graduate degree rather than an undergraduate in a professional setting.”

“Met amazing people and developed a network further than I expected."

“The most beneficial aspect to participating in the DOE Scholars program was the knowledge I learned regarding environmental management.”