Conduct Policy


ORISE is committed to creating a program free from unlawful discrimination, harassment, and abusive conduct. JSTI participants and staff will be treated with courtesy, dignity, and respect. Harassment and abusive conduct will not be tolerated and may result in disciplinary actions or removal from the program.


In an effort to avoid potential conflicts and reduce disruption of JSTI, staff are prohibited from engaging in political activity during the program. Political activity includes use of terminology, slogans, or expressions that are inextricably (indisputably) linked to political parties, candidates for partisan political offices, or partisan political groups and their electoral success (or failure), regardless of whether the expression or terminology is inherently political. (This does include clothing)

Politics can be a highly personal matter and JSTI is not an appropriate forum for participants or staff to disseminate their political opinions in a public fashion. Harassment of co-workers, participants, or others regarding political activities or opinions will not be tolerated.

If participant conversations turn political, please make an effort to change the subject.  


ORISE is committed to providing safe and supportive lodging for all participants which includes the option for gender inclusive lodging. Participants will be offered the option of cis-gender lodging or gender-inclusive lodging. The selection of a minor participant and lodging options must be authorized and signed for by a parent or legal guardian.

Participants selecting cis-gender lodging will only be assigned a roommate of the same biological sex. Participants selecting gender-inclusive lodging may be assigned a roommate who identifies differently from their biological sex assigned at birth.

To ensure that we provide an inclusive environment, we will refrain from using terms like “boys’ floor” and “girls’ floor” and instead use things like “2nd floor” and “3rd floor.”