Do I need to bring any money?
The program will provide all transportation, lodging, activity admissions and meals during the program. You may bring spending money for things such as snacks or souvenirs.
Can I bring my own laptop?
JSTI will not provide Alumni with a laptop. You are welcome to bring your personal laptop. JSTI is not responsible for lost or damaged personal items.
Do I need a physical copy of my birth certificate and/or passport or will a picture on my phone of it work?
Yes. You will need a physical copy of either your birth certificate or passport. We will tour/visit certain places that require either of these documents.
Are cell phones, and other electronic devices allowed?
Cell phones are allowed and will be used to communicate with the group through WhatsApp. Alumni should limit cell phone or other electronic device usage during research times.
Will I be able to do laundry?
Yes. There are laundry facilities on site. JSTI will provide laundry detergent/softener/dryer sheets.
What is the schedule during the program?
Please see this sample calendar that illustrates the daily schedule for participants. Please note this is only an example of the schedule and specific activities are still being determined and subject to change.
Is it ok for me to leave for part of a day or a couple of days for other events or family activities?
No. Alumni must be able to attend the full 2-weeks. Part-time participation is not an option.
Is it ok for family members to visit me during the program?
Due to safety and security concerns, outside visitors, including family members, are not permitted to visit during the program. Family and friends will be invited to attend the final presentations on the last day of the program only.
Will I be able to attend religious services?
Prior to the program, please email an ORISE staff member to request accommodations. Reasonable efforts will be made to allow attendance to religious services.
If I am taking summer classes or involved in other programs, will I have time to do the classes and homework while at JSTI East MS?
While at JSTI you can do other work during your free time and after bed check. However, JSTI East has a very detailed schedule, and you will have limited time for other classes/programs.
Where will we be staying, and will I have a roommate?
We will be lodging in Barton House on Towson University’s campus. Alumni will share a room.
Do I need to purchase a plane ticket to Baltimore?
No! JSTI East staff will purchase your airline tickets on your behalf based on the information that you provide via the travel survey linked in Zintellect.
What if I have a dietary restriction or food allergy?
JSTI will accommodate your dietary restrictions and food allergies. Please make sure that you describe your needs during the onboarding process and notify staff if there are any changes after completing onboarding.
What is JSTI East doing to protect against COVID-19?
As part of your appointment, you will be required to comply with Environmental, Safety and Health requirements of the hosting facility, including but not limited to, COVID-19 requirements such as facial covering, physical distancing, testing, vaccination, should they be needed.
Will I have access to gym equipment or be able to exercise?
Students will not have access to a gym at JSTI East. Alumni will have access to simple exercise equipment during free time.