Welcome to the JSTI East Alumni Site!

  • July 12 – 27, 2024

    (Alumni travel a day ahead and leave a day after the student participants)

We are so excited for you to attend JSTI East this summer as a JSTI Alumnus. Approximately 44 students from throughout the United States and DoDEA will participate in JSTI East July 13 – 26, 2024. We are excited for you to share your knowledge and experiences with the JSTI high school participants. 

You will be assigned as an alumnus and will assist the residential teachers and mentors. Students will be placed in small groups to work on a research project at Towson University (TU). Your contribution and past experiences with JSTI will very beneficial. 

You will be staying at Barton House, 420 Towson Way, Towson, MD 21204, located at Towson University. You will be assigned a dorm room with another alumnus.

Explore this website for all information you will need to know as you prepare for JSTI East. Please use our Onboarding Checklist on the side to ensure that you are on track to attend.