Take a few minutes and have fun with your students or children with some Halloween-themed lessons plans. Choose from the Zombie Apocalypse, Developing Franken Toys to drawing bats. Great way for kids to use their imagination for the holiday!

Lesson Plans

How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse: Building a Water Filtration Plant

In this lesson students will create a water filtration system in order to survive a “Zombie Apocolpyse”. Students will be testing their filters, collecting data, and analyzing data. At the end of this lesson, students will be able to take their filtration systems home to test and see if they can make water from other places cleaner. Students will be working the principals of engineering, design, and real world problem solving.

Developing Franken Toys

Students will create a Franken Toy by utilizing the engineering design process. This engaging art activity will allow students the opportunity to be creative while developing a potential product. The students will present the final product to the class while focusing on the brainstorming, sketching, developing, and problem solving processes to get to the final Franken Toy product. 

Have you ever wondered what animals do while the rest of the world is sleeping?

In May 2019 we asked students to write a story and draw a picture telling us what you think bats do at night! 

May 2019 Student Competition Winner Submissions:

1st Place: Maya M., NJ

2nd Place (tie): Natalie S., TN