How to Submit Blood Samples for Beryllium Testing

Notification of sample shipment

It is very important for us to receive notifications of sample shipments. Knowing that samples have shipped allows us to properly prepare for testing with staffing, reagents, and consumables. Also, if we do not receive your package, we can let you know it did not arrive.

On the day that the sample is shipped, please email, call (865) 576-3463 or fax (865) 576-3194. Provide us with the number of samples shipped and the package tracking number, if available.

NOTE: A contract is required and payment arrangements must be made before collecting Be LPT. The lab does not accept insurance or credit cards for payment.

Sample labeling

All tubes must be labeled with the Beryllium Lab’s accepted identifiers, which must match the request form. The date of draw of the sample must be provided either on the request form or on the tubes. The customer will be contacted for additional information or clarification of information on requisition, if needed. Any special testing such as 4 and 6 day, 2 sera, etc. should be marked on request form.

Acceptable identifiers

  • Encrypted ID
    One UNIQUE identifier applicable to a single patient and known only to requesting facility (SSN is NOT an encrypted ID).
  • Patient Name + Second Identifier
    Second identifier required if name provided.
    Second identifier may be: SSN, DOB, badge/employee number, medical record number.

NOTE: Identifiers and date of draw on sample tubes must match the request form.

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