REAC/TS RadMed App The REAC/TS RadMed app assists with management of patients exposed to ionizing radiation

The REAC/TS RadMed application is now available for download on Apple and Android devices. The application provides resources on radiation incidents and medical management in an easily navigated format. The eGuide The Medical Aspects of Radiation Incidents, 5th edition provides information needed for the medical management of those involved in radiation incidents in an easy-to-understand manner.

Medical Aspects Radiation Incidents CoverThe REAC/TS RadMed App includes:

  • Updated eGuide for The Medical Aspects of Radiation Incidents, 5th edition
    • Basic health physics and dose estimation (US and SI Units)
    • Treatment of whole body and acute local radiological illnesses and injuries
    • Assessment and treatment of internal contamination with radioactive materials
    • Patient decontamination
    • Delayed effects of exposure to ionizing radiation
    • Risk and psychological issues
  • Dicentric chromosome assay (DCA)
  • State, federal and international resource database
  • Assessment tools for radiation incident preparedness
  • REAC/TS courses
  • REAC/TS videos
  • Real-time REAC/TS news
  • Links to partner resources

Free download of the REAC/TS RadMed App on the Apple and Android store.

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