Million Person Study Research study focuses on effects from radiation exposure in former DOE workers

The Million Person Study leverages the ORISE data assets from past ORISE epidemiologic studies captured in the Comprehensive Epidemiologic Data Resource and the DOE REMS and NRC REIRS radiation records repositories. Collectively, these resources capture more than 75 years of occupational radiation data, dating from 1942 to present. In addition to the data access and data management, ORISE provides historical knowledge of DOE operations and subject matter expertise in occupational epidemiology, radiation dose assessment, and biostatistical modeling.

ORISE researchers and the study team are actively producing scientific publications, presentations, and reports to ensure results are communicated throughout DOE and broader scientific community. A representative list of publications is provided here:

  • Ko Y, Howard SC, Golden AP, French B. 2024. Adjustment for duration of employment in occupational epidemiology. Annals of Epidemiology, Volume 94, 33-41.
  • Boice JD, Cohen SS, Mumma MT, Chen H, Golden AP, Beck HL, Till JE. 2020. Mortality among US military participants at eight aboveground nuclear weapons test series. International Journal of Radiation Biology. In review.
  • Golden AP, Ellis E, Cohen S, Mumma M, Leggett R, Wallace P, Girardi D, Watkins J, Shore E, Boice J. 2019. Updated mortality analysis of the Mallinckrodt uranium processing workers, 1942-2012, International Journal of Radiation Biology,
  • Golden A, Cohen S, Chen H, Ellis E, Boice J. Comparison of Statistical Modeling Approaches for Epidemiology Studies of Low Dose Health Effects. 2018. International Journal of Radiation Biology.
  • Boice JD Jr, Ellis ED, Golden AP, Zablotska LB, Mumma MT, Cohen SS. 2019. Sex-specific lung cancer risk among radiation workers in the Million Person Study and among TB-fluoroscopy patients. Int J Radiat Biol.
  • Boice J, Ellis E, Golden A, Girardi D, Cohen S, Chen H, Mumma M, Leggett R, Shore R. 2018. The Past Informs the Future: The Million Worker Study and the Mallinckrodt Chemical Works Cohort. Health Physics Journal. Health Physics Journal. 114(4): 381-385. DOI: 10.1097/HP.0000000000000825
  • Ellis ED, Girardi D, Golden AP, Wallace PW, Phillips J, Cragle DL. 2018. Historical perspective on the Department of Energy mortality studies: Focus on the collection and storage of individual worker data. Int J Radiat Biol Nov 29, 2018 [Epub ahead of print] [PMID 30495982]
  • Ellis E, Boice J, Leggett R, Kerr G, Golden A, Girardi D, Cohen S, Mumma M, and Shore R. 2018. Dosimetry is Key to Good Epidemiology: Workers at Mallinckrodt Chemical Works had 5 Different Source Exposures. Health Physics Journal. 114(4):386-397. DOI: 10.1097/HP.0000000000000847

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The Epidemiological Study of One Million Persons

Health effects from radiation exposure in former uranium production workers at Mallinckrodt were examined as part of the Million Person Study. In addition to data access and management, ORISE provided historical insight of DOE operations, as well as subject matter expertise in occupational epidemiology, radiation dose assessment, and biostatistical modeling.